Guessing games over identity of Vishal's true love!

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Guessing games over identity of Vishal's true love! Empty Guessing games over identity of Vishal's true love!

Post by Maya on Sun Feb 10, 2008 10:40 am

The Tamil press seems very eager to guess at who is Vishal's real love Priya Mani or Nayantara?
Talking to the press about Valentine's Day, Vishal said, "Without my being aware of it, an actress has entered my heart. She is well known to all. Her earnest nature and courage to speak her mind has impressed me greatly. Till now I have not revealed my love to her. It would most probably go unsaid."
These remarks by Vishal have been giving a field day to the Tamil press like Thamizh Murasu, Malai Malar, Dinakaran, Dina Thanthi and so on. Since Priya Mani and Vishal acted in 'Malaikottai,' two evening dailies have been linking their names. Another paper is linking Vishal with Nayantara who is his current co-star.
To add to the discussion, Vishal announced that he was referring to a Hindi actress, not Priya Mani. To add to the confusion, a daily today gave an announcement by Priya Mani that she and Vishal were only friends.
To just create a stir, it has become the habit of the press and for some actors and actresses to create rumours. Who is to curtail all this?

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