Ajith: A true friend indeed!

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Ajith: A true friend indeed! Empty Ajith: A true friend indeed!

Post by Maya on Thu Feb 14, 2008 12:55 pm

Actor Ajith is known for his simplicity and his very down-to-earth attitude. The episode what follows give us a glimpse on one more side to the actor called Ajith. Ajith had to deal with a loss of his friend.
A financier by profession, Bogardiya Daas, had helped Ajith during his hard times in the film industry by lending him a large sum of money and that helped Ajith to overcome the hurdle and come out successfully. Bogardiya Daas passed away recently and most of the deceasedís family had not even expected Ajith to come to their home, leave alone him being present at the grave yard. But this loyal friend not only spent the entire day at his friendís home comforting their family but he also accompanied his friendís body during it last journey and was present at the grave yard at Parry's Corner during the last rites as well. These days when people remember friends and family only when they are in need and donít even turn back once their needs are satiated, Ajithís loyalty to his friend has come as a blessing for the bereaved family.
Way to go Ajith. You are truly a blessing!

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GodFather - Lord of NAI

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