Namitha gives identity to Kamaraj

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Namitha gives identity to Kamaraj Empty Namitha gives identity to Kamaraj

Post by Priya on Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:06 pm

Address less director Kamaraj has sent a legal notice to Namitha, seeking clarification from her on why she mentioned his name in the complaint that she lodged with the forum for actors.

Kamaraj, who says he has directed a movie called Chutta Pazham and already done a movie called Perusu! Namitha's statement in her letter has damaged his reputation if any that might have existed, claims Kamaraj.

Kamaraj says he and Azhagana Ponnu director cum producer Thiru, both worked for the movie Perusu. (Do anyone heard of that movie?)

For Kamaraj's luck, Namitha's letter has given him some identification in the industry.
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