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Post by swatika on Fri May 30, 2008 5:55 pm

Actress Sangeetha showed her potential in the commercially and critically appreciated film 'Pithamagan'.
Once this heroine is committed to a role, she gives her best self sometimes even surprising the other people involved in the film.
If this is the way this talented actress is going to conduct herself in the future too, she will soon be known as one of the leading ladies that the directors would love to work with.
'Dhanam' is a tale of a prostitute with music composed by the music maestro Ilayaraja and lyrics by Vaali, Metha and Vishali Kannadasan.
For the shooting of the film 'Dhanam' directed by G.Siva, a disciple of the icon of directing K Balachander, there was a requirement for Sangeetha to immerse herself in a water pool in Kumbakkonam.
He conveyed this to Sangeetha and she gave a prompt yes to the film maker.
Sangeetha got a chill down her spine when she found out that the water pool where the scene is to be canned is not at all clean and hygienic.
The actress understanding the urgency and necessity of the situation went ahead with the word that she gave to G.Siva and participated for the shoot without giving any more thoughts on the condition of the water.
The next day the unit members of the film thought that she will not come for the shooting as Sangeetha was reported having fever.
But to the amazement of the crew and the director himself, she came to the location without bothering about her health.
Due to this thought given by Sangeetha to not to make the film makers wait till she gets rid of her fever, the director G.Siva was able to complete the shooting perfectly as per his planning.
Sangeetha, you have shown the professional spirit of a very matured and sensible actress who cares not only her image but also of the quality of the whole film.
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