Oscar Ravichandran cheats Kamal?

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Oscar Ravichandran cheats Kamal? Empty Oscar Ravichandran cheats Kamal?

Post by swatika on Fri Jul 04, 2008 6:48 pm

Kamal, brought few technicians to work for the movie Dasavatharam produced by Oscar Ravichandran.
The technicians include people from within India and abroad. As the payment for them was not made by Ravi, and Kamal felt that these technicians are more important for him to work with in his future projects, Kamal made payments from his pocket.
Hindi version of Dasavatharam is getting delayed by Ravichandran, as Ravi want to evade paying royalty to Kamal, once the hindi version is released as per the agreement.
Few in Kollywood comment "Oscar Ravichandran has to name as Fraud Ravichandran or atleast Ego Ravichandran"
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