Kamal's project after Marmayogi

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Kamal's project after Marmayogi Empty Kamal's project after Marmayogi

Post by swatika on Mon Mar 31, 2008 11:51 pm

Bala who is currently busy with Nan Kadavul, a film which has Arya in the lead is reportedly handling a shocking script, which is totally new to Tamil cinema.
Bala, known for dealing heavy subjects in his films is the reason behind the revival of the positions of Vikram and Surya. A long time dream is going to be cherished by Bala. Kamal has evinced his interest to work with the director Bala.
Kamal is likely to join Bala after completing his Marmayogi.
One hears that Kamal Hassan's magnum opus Dasavatharam will have more--1500 prints all over the globe (Tamil and other languages put together).
Cinema lovers, Kamal Haasan fans in particular, can rest assured that they would have more than 1500 movie halls to choose from across the world to watch their favorite star in action.
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