Kuselan team depends more on gossips

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Kuselan team depends more on gossips Empty Kuselan team depends more on gossips

Post by swatika on Sat May 17, 2008 11:02 am

On ever other day Kuselan team spreads some kind of gossips or rumor about the movie. It seems they concentrate on this useless job than concentrating on the development of the movie.
Day before there was a news that Rajini is to appear in 20 different costumes in the movie and later the producer and director, when enquired whether it will be something like Dasavatharam, says its a dance sequence and Rajini will appear as Brahmin, Police etc. like what he did in Baksha.
Yesterday there was a news that the movie will be shot in Egyptian pyramids but today they clarify that the shooting is taken in a make shed like that of a pyramid.
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