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Post by swatika on Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:24 pm

A dialogue from Rajnikanth’s Kuselan has been removed following requests from the actor’s fans who felt it hurt their sentiments.
It may be recalled that Rajnikanth, who played actor Ashok Kumar in the movie had uttered the dialogue, ‘What bothers you whether I enter politics or not. Mind your own business! `Eppo Varuvaen, Eppadi Varuvaen theriyaadhu. Vara vaendiya naerathula varuvaen' was a dialogue written by somebody. I just uttered that’. A section of Rajnikanth fans felt offended by the dialogue. Sources close to the actor said that the dialogue was kept in the movie to convey a message to the actor’s critics.
However fans took it personally. Following their appeal to the actor, it was decided to remove the dialogue from the movie.
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