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No Trisha in Chennai Super Kings Empty No Trisha in Chennai Super Kings

Post by Priya on Mon Apr 28, 2008 5:47 pm

All the buzz doing the rounds that Trisha has replaced Nayantara as brand ambassador for Chennai Super Kings along with Vijay is not true, says sources of the Chennai Super Kings. Reacting to Nayantara’s accusation that the Chennai Super Kings comittee has behaved in a unprofessional manner by eleminating her as the brand ambassador for the tournament, Mr Gurunath Meiyappan has denied her accusation.
According to them, Nayantara’s lack of commitment to the tournament is the reason for them to sack her. Nayantara was contacted days before the April 23 match for her appearance in the match. Captain Dhoni too spoke to her and requested her appearance. She never made any solid commitment for the match, inspite of them contacting her repeatedly, and finally did not attend the match on 23rd. They also cross-checked the claim that she was in the hospital, after fainting on the sets of Kuselan, but their report was that she was in the hospital only for a couple of hours. She would have had plenty of time to call in and inform them of her non appearance in the match.
Hence they have decided now to go ahead with a single ambassador, actor Vijay. The rumors making rounds that Trisha has replaced Nayantara as the brand ambassador is not true. Vijay seems to be a perfect single ambassador as he moves around as a part of the team, cancels his shoot and comes to the stadium to watch the players at the nets. The Chennai Super Kings team are rocking and are strong contenders to win the DLF IPL Twenty20, inaugural 2008 cup.
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