"Azhagaana Ponnu" lodges a complaint

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"Azhagaana Ponnu" lodges a complaint Empty "Azhagaana Ponnu" lodges a complaint

Post by swatika on Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:27 pm

It was during 2006 a movie titled Azhagaana Ponnu started production. The producer is a guy called Thirunavukkarasu, who calls himself as Thiru . Thiru, appointed Kamaraj as the director and the shooting for the same was conducted for 5 days having Namitha as the heroine. For this a sum of Rs 17 lacs was paid as advance.
All of a sudden Kamaraj was removed from his position and Thiru took up the direction job. Namitha hesitated to work under him and Thiru managed to convice her. The shooting was arranged at Kodaikkanal, Nami was present on time in the spot, while Thiru forget to attend the shooting, thinking Kamaraj is the director. Angered Nami refused to co-operate further with Thiru.
Now, Thiru has lodged a complaint against Nami, saying she is cheating him by not acting in his movie and threatening him through goondas.
Nami, has lodged a complaint in actors association, saying Thiru is threatening her by visiting her house and by threatening her in public places.
The hearing of both the complaints has come up and Nami and Thiru will sit together and discuss the same in the presence of the presidents of the both association!
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