"Mirugam" Aathi gets a break

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"Mirugam" Aathi gets a break Empty "Mirugam" Aathi gets a break

Post by swatika on Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:43 am

"Mirugam" Aathi gets a break Adhi1810
Aathi, who made his debut in Samy’s "Mirugam", gets a break after waiting for months to get a good project. He has been roped in the project produced by director Shankar’s 'S' Pictures.
'S' Pictures has announced the commencement of three new projects, directed by Naaga, Thamira, and Arivazhagan. The projects will be started after the release of "Arai en 305il Kadavul", directed by Simbudevan.
All the three directors will be making their entry into directing a movie. Naaga has the experience of directing the TV serial 'Vidadhu Karuppu', while Thamira has written the dialogues for K. Balachandar’s "Poi". The third director Arivazhagan is Shankar's assistant.
Aathi will be the hero of the film directed by Arivazhagan. His pair will be Sindhu Menon. Aathi, who impressed everyone with his performance in "Mirugam", is lucky enough to get a project under a prestigious banner in his second film itself. Great going Aathi!
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