'Kuselan': Prabhu yields to Superstar!

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'Kuselan': Prabhu yields to Superstar! Empty 'Kuselan': Prabhu yields to Superstar!

Post by swatika on Fri Mar 14, 2008 9:47 pm

No sooner than the pooja of the superstar starrer ‘Kuselan’ was complete news has been flowing on this front from left, right and centre. Yesterday we got you news that Rajini has conceded to the fans’ request and will have a bigger role in ‘Kuselan’ and now we have more interesting news on the ‘Kuselan’ stands.
A few days back actor Prabhu was unwell. Our superstar and the director and the film ‘Kuselan’, P. Vasu, had paid a visit to Prabhu’s home. After the initial pleasantries Rajini had a request for Prabhu. It was more like a loving compulsion. The superstar is reported to have asked Prabhu to act in ‘Kuselan’ in a very vital role done by Mukesh in the original movie ‘Katha Parayumbol’ .
For Prabhu, who lovingly addresses Rajini as ‘anna’, this was a request he could not topple. After giving this some thought Prabhu is said to have yielded to Rajini’s loving compulsion. Though nothing about the role of Prabhu has been divulged till now, it is for sure that he too will be seen in some important frames in this film. The last film that Prabhu starred with the superstar was ‘Chandramukhi’ which was an all-round hit.
‘Kuselan’ seems to be getting bigger than its Malayalam counterpart ‘Katha Parayumbol’ in terms of story size and cast, and if this continues we will soon have the who’s who of Kollywood associating with this flick.
Keep coming back right here for more interesting news on the Kollywood front.
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