Prabhu grills Simbu!

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Prabhu grills Simbu! Empty Prabhu grills Simbu!

Post by Maya on Tue Jan 15, 2008 9:13 am

Usually it is Simbu who grills the others. For a change, it is actor Prabhu who is grilling Simbu.
For doing a character role, the name that first comes to mind is Prabhu as he gives such stellar performances.
For the first time, cinematographer Saravanan is directing 'Silambattam' in which Prabhu has an important role. Simbu plays a different kind of role in the film, as a young Brahmin boy.
Prabhu plays the instructor who trains Simbu in Silambattam. A scene in the film shows Simbu not doing the Silambattam properly so Prabhu chases him to make him correct himself.
Simbu usually changes his hairstyle in each of his films. He has a wild hairstyle in 'Kaalai' and in a song sequence, he wears a lip ring on his lower lip.
If he had worn it on his nose, it would have been suitable as a bull's nose ring for 'Kaalai'!

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Prabhu grills Simbu! Empty Re: Prabhu grills Simbu!

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 15, 2008 8:42 pm

I wonder....

Will prabu also speak dialogs like Simbu when grilling him?


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