Gajini director Murugadoss is missing?

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Gajini director Murugadoss is missing? Empty Gajini director Murugadoss is missing?

Post by swatika on Fri Feb 29, 2008 11:02 pm

Here is a shocking news being spread in Kollywood that Gajini movie director Murugadass is missing.
The worst in it is that he has been kidnapped.
Few deny such a news and say that it is a police team which fetched him away.
There were controversy between him and the producer of Gajini, related to the expenses incurred for the movie and the loss occurred to the over expenditure.
Already Salem Chandrasekaran, the producer of Gajini has filed a case against Murugadass regarding the same, and Murugadass in turn has lodged a complaint that Chandrasekaran is threatening him.
The kidnapping is supposed to have happened on 28th - Feb (Yesterday) and still there is no clear news or any news about the whereabouts of Murugadass has reached us.
Only Lord Murugan and his dass will be knowing the real truth!!!
GodFather - Lord of NAI
GodFather - Lord of NAI

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