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Post by Pollathavan on Sat Mar 01, 2008 11:27 am

Murugadoss under arrest Muruga10

The face off between A.R.Murugadoss and Salem Chandrashekhar took a decisive turn here today when the Salem police arrested Murugadoos on the basis of the charges filed by Chandrasekhar. Most of you might be familiar with the reasons behind this issue. We had reported in an earlier article that the budget of the 2005 superhit Ghajini had been overshot by some distance and hence Chandrashekhar was not able to reap enough profits in spite of the movie being a huge hit.

The producer had stated that Murugadoss had agreed to direct another film for his banner to compensate him. However the deal never materialized and Murugadoss took off to Tollywood, directing Chiranjeevi in Stalin and then moving further up to Bollywood for the Hindi remake of Ghajini.

It was only a few days back that Salem Chandrashekhar lodged an official case after the long stand off. Murugadoss who at that time had been in Mumbai working on Ghajini (Hindi) was not available for comment. However, he had come down to Chennai today to mourn the death of literary icon Sujatha. The Salem police took Murugadoss into custody after he had visited Sujathaís residence.

Meanwhile, Salem Chandrashekhar had stated that Murugadoss, in addition to violating his word of directing another movie, had also not thought it necessary to obtain permission from Chandrashekhar before commencing the Hindi remake. The financial aspects had never been discussed and the remake rights not bought. However, this poses a question. Why or how did Chandrashekhar allow the filming of Ghajini (Hindi) to go on for almost a year without raising any objection, why did he choose to do so only at this late stage? That remains to be answered.

The arrest of Murugadoss can have a heavy bearing on the status of Ghajiniís Hindi version. If the matter is not amicably resolved soon, the schedules of the movie could go off track. But more important now is the level of offence that Murugadoss faces. One hopes that the matter is not too serious and that a settlement, monetary or otherwise, will be reached soon. It is neither in the best interest of Chandrashekhar (whose money will remain stuck) or Murugadoss or anyone involved that a long legal battle ensues. Letís hope for the best outcome.

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