Furious Gibson blasts fellow church goers for gossiping

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Furious Gibson blasts fellow church goers for gossiping Empty Furious Gibson blasts fellow church goers for gossiping

Post by swatika on Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:21 pm

Mel Gibson had maintained a dignified silence over his recent divorce and affair with Russian singer but the actor lost his cool in his church after finding fellow worshippers gossiping about him. The 53-year-old actor reportedly blasted fellow worshippers during a service at the Holy Family Cahpel in Agoura Hills in California for gossiping about his private life, following his split from wife Robyn, Contactmusic reported.
"Mel has completely lost it. His holier than thou world is falling apart and it seems Mel hasn't been practicing what he preaches," website quoted a source telling Radar Online.
"It was a crazed rant. He paced back and forth, furiously telling the congregation including two priests and a visiting bishop, that he would not stand by and be judged and scrutinised," the source added.
Gibson, who is set to lose half of his 450 million pound fortune to his wife Robyn in divorce settlement, recently confirmed his new girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is pregnant with their first child.
The actor, however, could not tolerate the gossip and allegedly threatened to close the church if he suspects the congregation are still talking about him.
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