Sharukhan against Rajini in hindi

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Sharukhan against Rajini in hindi Empty Sharukhan against Rajini in hindi

Post by swatika on Thu Sep 04, 2008 5:39 pm

While Tamil Robo is now named as Enthiram, the hindi version too is searching for a new title as Sharukhan, knowing well that a Tamil movie under the title Robo is being made and will be made in hindi too, has blocked all the names relating to Robo.
Shankar, before discussing Robo with Rajini, discussed the project with Sharukhan and both decided to make the movie together. But for unknown reasons, Shankar decided to go with Rajini and dropped Sharukhan.
Upset Sharukhan was searching for a Tit for Tot situation, and now after Shankar started the movie Robo, has booked all the titles relating to Robo in hindi bollywood.
So Shankar has to search a new title for his hindi version of Tamil 'Enthiram'
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