Priyamani achievements in the year 2007

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Priyamani achievements in the year 2007 Empty Priyamani achievements in the year 2007

Post by Maya on Sun Jan 13, 2008 10:49 am

Priyamani gained high achievement and appreciation beyond everyone’s expectation in the year 2007. She gave her best in the movie Paruthiveeran which was a blockbuster hit. She also had gone to win many awards and honors for it counting the Best Actress award at Osian Film Festival.

Now Priyamani is waiting the release of her venture Thotta. Director Ameer has been complaining about her professionalism lately. He said that Priyamani was his first choice for the movie Yogi, but had to let her go due to her unethical ways and her remarks on glamour.

To his remakes Priyamani has replied that she did not get paid for her role in Paruthiveeran and this show his professionalism and need not advice her on her career.

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