Sundar C worries about females who have bigger

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Sundar C worries about females who have bigger Empty Sundar C worries about females who have bigger

Post by swatika on Wed Aug 20, 2008 1:23 pm

Sundar C who married Prabhu's girl friend Kushboo, while she was pregnant by Prabhu says that he is worried a lot about the females who owns bigger titles. He is scared over the salary being asked by the females in Kollywood who own bigger titles for them! He disclosed this when he was asked why leading females in the industry are not pairing with him. He also adds that the top class females who are ready to appear top less for sake of money gives lots of torture to the unit.
For a question on why he always prefer to pair with Namitha, he says that she is always available to him on demand and hence he is happy being with her. On his relationship with a new girl called Rahini, Sundar says that the female is actually sister of Kushboo and hence he is uncle to her. When asked, how far Kushboo guides him in his cine career, he replied that "I never involve in Kushboo's THOZIL and the same way she never involves in mine"
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