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Post by Priya on Sat May 31, 2008 1:07 pm

Young and vibrant Vishal has a lot to cheer about these days. Not only is his stature as a young hero is growing by the day, but also his commitment to performing well is increasing manifold.
Vishal’s next ‘Sathyam’ with Nayanthara is shaping up extremely well and what’s more….Vishal plays a cop for the very first time and has indulged in all the stunt scenes himself. No doubles for Vishal this time.
Precise effort is being made to bring about a touch of authenticity to the stunt sequences. The unique swagger and body language only a trained policeman can bring about is being recreated with loads of passion and precision.
Silendra Babu, Joint Commissioner of Police is very much with the project sharing his experience and giving those invaluable tips. It can be recalled it was this officer and gentleman who brought about so much of authenticity to the Suriya starrer ‘Khakka Khakka’.
Stunt sequences are meticulously planned so much so that the experience of the highly talented Craig Muma, the man behind the visual effects of the legendary films like, 'Krrish', 'Godzilla', 'Dr. DoLittle' and 'Deep Blue Sea' are being incorporated with the highly talented Craig Muma being roped in.
A fight sequence has been canned in an ice factory with over 400 ice bars being used. Despite the extremely slippery conditions the team has gone on for eleven days getting the fight sequence to be stunning as well as exiting. Another commendable fact is that the ice would melt away with all the heat and action all around. The team would replace the ice and the fighting would continue. Surely a tiring process.
About 45 to 50 lakhs have been spent for this fight sequence. With passion running high and a fighting will to succeed Vishal and his team have fought all odds to make this sequence a memorable one.
A frantic chase with the airport premises as the back ground, car chase sequence, fighting a bunch of rowdies in the rain and much more also feature in the film.
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