Vanakkammaa Saravanan is a begger

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Vanakkammaa Saravanan is a begger Empty Vanakkammaa Saravanan is a begger

Post by swatika on Wed May 28, 2008 5:31 pm

Vanakamma happens to be the most sensational and controversial flick hitting headlines of tinsel town. The film churned out by Thennavan Kalaikoodam had S.N. Hari Ram directing it. We have glimpsed through many projects that had been urged towards contestations either through the alluring promos or storylines. But, things happen to be out of blue when Vanakamma, for things started rolling with the invitation for movie launch itself.
The film is about Saravanan and Vishnupriyan who together dress up as Lord Rama and Hanuman, begging from house to house. Well, they aren't concerned about the collection of money, but glimpsing through the houses that has more properties. And in the night, they turn to the same place for thieving tasks.
Brimmed with more opposition, Director Hari Ram has now altered their characterizations as Boom Boom Maadu (Using bull for begging in Ananthapura style).
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