Kollywood girl abducted in Kerala

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Kollywood girl abducted in Kerala Empty Kollywood girl abducted in Kerala

Post by swatika on Mon May 26, 2008 5:52 pm

A girl named Sugani was said to be abducted by rowdies for want of ransom.
Then the cine crew which took her to the Kerala's beach village is believed to have paid Rs. 10000 to get her back.
J. P. Madha films by Joseph is producing a movie titled Kurukkuppuththi. The movie is being directed by K.S. Lingan and starred by Sridhar and Sugani.
Shooting for the movie was taken in a sea shore village called Ponnaani in Trissur district of Kerala. According to the producer, while shooting was taken, a group of rowdies with arms and ammunition came to the shooting spot and snatched the girl from the spot. Public who were mostly fisher folks witnessing the shooting were also witnessing this day time abduction says the producer.
Joseph says that he and the director approached the rowdies and they negotiated for Rs 10000 to release the girl and without seeking any police help they paid the money and recovered the girl without any further damage to her.

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