Real police officer in 'Yogi'

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Real police officer in 'Yogi' Empty Real police officer in 'Yogi'

Post by Priya on Mon Mar 10, 2008 5:07 pm

Director Ameer starrer ‘Yogi’ has a story revolving around a life of gangsters with Ameer playing a dada living in a slum area. The director, who dons the led role in the film, writes the story, screenplay, and dialogues, while Subramaniam Siva directs the movie.
When you make a movie based on rowdies, there is little chance that you could avoid police encounters. ‘Yogi’, which does deal with encounter, has had a unique idea of making a real encounter specialist act in the film.
Ameer has requested Jafar Sait, a renowned police officer, who had gunned down dreaded gangsters like ‘Muttai Kan’ Ravi and ‘Manal Medu’ Shankar in Thanjavore and Thiruchi areas, to act in the film. Jafar, though initially refused to act, is now trying to get permission from the government.
If he appears in the film, it would be first of its kind.
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