Memories of Sujatha Kamalhassan

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Memories of Sujatha  Kamalhassan Empty Memories of Sujatha Kamalhassan

Post by swatika on Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:44 am

Memories of Sujatha  Kamalhassan 28022010
It was clear too me that death was nearing Sujatha. Indeed, he too realized it.Writers never compromise as it denotes losing. But Sujatha thought that compromise is not only a must, but also a commitment to society. That may be the reason why some times it creates an illusion of lack of vigour. That was his principle of life.

Being a science scholar, he did not treat writing as a profession, but as a labour of love. He was never arrogant of his writing. Never judge Sujatha on his writing for cinema. That is also a compromise towards cinema and his friends. At least for having projected Sujatha in a big way one should thank the cinema. But everything else is literature.

Alms seekers crowd around those who give. It is natural to expect more from those who give. Judging from that point of view, I think though Sujatha may have given more, we are duty bound to be grateful to him for what all he could give
I personally am obliged to him in several ways. He too played a part in my cultivating writing and my selection of Tamil reading material. My reading choice should not be misconstrued to mean a small selection of works. Those who have read Sujatha are all to be rated very high. Tamil world would acknowledge its gratitude to him.

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