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Post by Pollathavan on Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:13 am

Kunal Was Murdered 14-02-10

Kunal's father, Retd Col. Rajendra Singh, has come out with an allegation that his son's death was not suicide but murder. Rebutting the theory reported by the press that Kunal was depressed, which eventually led to his suicide, he asked the media at the press conference held at Vile Parle "Kunal was about to launch his film on February 15 and was very enthusiastic about the project. Why would he end his life?"

He also made it clear that Kunal's marriage with Anuradha was not turbulent as reported by the press. As the couple's daughter was not in good health, Anuradha had taken the kid to her father's residence in Ahmednagar. Incidentally Anuradha's father is an army officer and a surgeon.

Singh asserted that Kunal, on the day of his death, spent the entire day discussing his impending film Yogi with his team and had also fixed up appointments for the next day. Had he intended to commit suicide, he would not have done so, he said. Singh stated that he had noticed some marks on the neck, chest and arms, indicating that someone could have grabbed Kunal from the rear and pinned down his arms to thwart any attempts of resistance. But Senior Police Inspector Sonone refuted these statements saying these marks were induced while the body was brought down from the ceiling fan.

Bringing out a new theory to this death, Singh claimed that Kunal could have been a target of some land mafia, as he was involved in some land deals some time ago. Singh also added that a girl named Lavina could be a prime witness to this murder. He said that she is the daughter of a family friend and was to have debuted in Kunal's film. Though she has not made any statement about the murder theory thus far, Singh avers that she is either scared or threatened.

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