'Kandasamy' stirs up Mexico

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'Kandasamy' stirs up Mexico Empty 'Kandasamy' stirs up Mexico

Post by Pollathavan on Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:12 am

'Kandasamy' stirs up Mexico Kantha10

Because of the violent political situation there, he had to find an alternate shooting spot and chose Mexico. Till now, Indian units have not shot in Mexico. Happy with the sanction from the Mexico govt., Susi Ganesan traveled to Mexico last month with producer Kalaipuli S Thanu, hero Vikram, cameraman Ekambaram, Art Director Thotta Tharani. With the help of the helicopter arranged by the govt, they chose 4 locations to film the scenes.

Then the Indian Ambassador Rinzing Wangali made arrangements to meet the district governor of Tronco, CP Ismael Alfredor Hernandez Drras, and executives concerned with the film field. When the Tronco govt gave the red carpet to the film crew, a grand feast was also held.

A trailer was screened for the gathering, at the end of which, those present applauded the director Susi Ganesan and hero Vikram for the hard work put into the making of 'Kandasamy.'

The logo featuring the national birds of both countries, drawn by Dharani, was appreciated by everyone. The Mexican govt agreed to give full cooperation to the film unit and also planned to co-produce a Mexico-India film. S Thanu has been appointed as ambassador from the Indian side for this project. Co-produced by S Thanu, the film will feature Vikram, be directed by Susi Ganesan and feature local actresses who are to be chosen soon. The Tronco producer has given documents to Thanu regarding that.

In the next round of talks, the 'Kandasamy' crew was taken to the studio there and honored according to their tradition. When Vikram saw their traditional dance and danced those steps, those present were in for a pleasant surprise. Vikram's desire to learn their language and training in their traditional bullfights, further impressed them.

Indian Ambassador Rinzing Wangali invited the 'Kandasamy' crew as guests to the Indian Republic Day celebrations on 26th January 2008 and honored them.

"This trip to Mexico has been good not only for 'Kandasamy' but also for Indian cinema field as a whole," said producer S Thanu with happiness in his voice!

'Kandasamy' stirs up Mexico Spam10

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'Kandasamy' stirs up Mexico Empty Re: 'Kandasamy' stirs up Mexico

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:41 pm

wow....good work guys....


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