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Post by Pollathavan on Fri Feb 15, 2008 8:34 am

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A woman’s touch can bring so many changes to a man! Look at Dhanush. He has this whole new look and glow, without doing anything too drastic to himse. He is almost always spotted these days in some cool shirts and jeans that enhance his slim muscular frame, without hanging loosely or uncomfortably on him. And who’s responsible? His wife of course Aisvarya waved her wand and brought about a wardrobe change!

A little further into the past, and you’ll see the healthy gleam emanating from director R.K. Selvamani since he married lovely Roja. And Sundar C. who was crouching behind the camera turned action hero shortly after he wedded the gorgeous Khusbu! Narain is looking more confident in his acting shoes after his marriage to TV anchor Manju.
The latest to let his lady redesign his looks is Srikanth. The actor has three films in hand, each an opportunity to jump back into the cine race. Following quite a lot of drama, the actor married his real life love Vandana, and has now given her the added title of 'Wardrobe Manager'. Srikanth believes that she is the only one who knows what makes him look his best and hence, has decided to consult her when it comes to his clothes. We’ll see the effect of Vandana’s wand in the near future!

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