The fuss over Vishal’s love

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The fuss over Vishal’s love Empty The fuss over Vishal’s love

Post by Maya on Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:16 pm

The actor laughs at the speculations made by the media. Everyone went on guessing who would be THE girl of Vishal, who revealed that he is in love with an actress in his interview to Ananda Vikatan, a leading Tamil weekly. First they said it would be Priyamani, who acted with him in ‘Malaikkoottai’. Then the speculations started around the name of Nayantara, who acts with his in ‘Sathyam’.
A website went to the extent of contacting Nayantara to comment on it. The actress categorically denied such speculations. Vishal, on the other hand, laughs at the speculations made by the media. He said to a reporter that, “Yesterday you said that it would be Priyamani. Today it is said to be Nayantara and tomorrow it would be Trisha”. The actor laughs at all the guess work and refused to reveal the real name of THE girl.
What Vishal told the magazine was an honest and humble revelation of his heart on his love. We present here the text of what he said for all those who missed a chance to see it in the magazine:
“…I am telling you the truth for the first time. I was very careful that I should not get into love. But now I have lost my heart. Now love rules me. She is a well-known actor, known to all of you. This is the only clue I can give at present. Simplicity is her identity. She is so straight forward that she would tell you on your face whether she likes you or not.
“My love is within myself. I am yet to reveal it to her. We have talked a lot and moved around a lot. She knows my concerns. She understands my affection. She likes me very much. But I don’t have the guts to convey my love to her. That is the beauty and pain of love. I am not sure whether I would ever tell her about my love. There is chance that I might never convey my love to her.
“My love towards her is a secret known to me alone. If everything goes well, whole Tamil Nadu would know about it.”

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