Red carpet welcome for Shahrukh

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Red carpet welcome for Shahrukh Empty Red carpet welcome for Shahrukh

Post by Maya on Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:32 pm

The 58th Berlin International Festival starts on Thursday

An important feature is the red carpet welcome. Important film personalities of the world walk down this red carpet and it's rare to get this honor.
Along with top actors like Madonaa, Julia Roberst, Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz, Shahrukh Khan will also walk down the red carpet.

His 'Om Shanti Om' is being screened at the festival and as a top Bollywood actor, he has been thus honored. The invitation in fact calls him a Bollywood superstar.
'Om Shanti Om' gave him crores. Now he has this red carpet honor. This is a great year for Shahrukh Khan

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