Vadivelu's 'Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan'

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Vadivelu's 'Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan' Empty Vadivelu's 'Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan'

Post by Pollathavan on Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:25 pm

Vadivelu's 'Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan' was a smash hit in all A, B & C centres. After 'Bheema,' it is this film that has had the best opening.

How is the film itself?

The theatre vibrates with laughter when Vadivelu appears as Yamaraja and shakes with frustration when he spouts drama dialogues as the actor.

Whatever be the collection in the coming days, it is said the producer will be safe. The film has been sold for about 13 crores!

Vadivelu's 'Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan' Spam10

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Vadivelu's 'Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan' Empty Re: Vadivelu's 'Indiralogathil Na Azhagappan'

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 05, 2008 7:07 am

Wow!~ i like Vadivelu..... waiting to watch that movie. Surprised


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