Change of title for 'Robot'

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Change of title for 'Robot' Empty Change of title for 'Robot'

Post by Maya on Thu Jan 31, 2008 3:23 pm

Ever since the Tamilnadu govt announced tax concessions for films with pure Tamil titles, no one keeps title in other languages. Because of this concession, even theater owners benefit. That's why they also insist on films with Tamil titles.

The title 'Robot' is naturally problematic. Even when this title was decided upon, work from writer Sujatha's end started to find a Tamil title equivalent to it. Change of title for 'Robot' 30012008-THN10image2

A nice alternative is 'Iyandira Manidhan.' They have shortened it to an attractive 'Iyandira.' Rajini's grandson is called Yatra. Since this rhymes with Iyandira, the superstar is quite happy, so the film could well be titled 'Iyandira.'

But anything connected with Rajini could change at the last minute!

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