More adult Malaysians turn to the Net for sex info

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More adult Malaysians turn to the Net for sex info Empty More adult Malaysians turn to the Net for sex info

Post by Pollathavan on Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:59 pm

PETALING JAYA: More adults are relying on the Internet to get information on sex, according to a Durex Sexual Wellbeing Survey.

As much as 75% of Malaysians gave credit to the Internet for teaching them the bedroom “how-tos”.
Men (75%) outnumber women (71%) in using the Internet to surf about sex.
Seventy-three per cent of the respondents also learn about sex through magazines.
Other sources include books (65%), friends and peers (56%) and partners (43%).
All these surpass sex education at school, which makes up only 36% of them.

The number of respondents was at 1,026 with an equal number of women and men aged 18 years and above.
Despite the figures, less than half of Malaysians — 45% of men and 39% of women — think there is enough advice and information available on the issue.

The survey stated that 73% of Malaysians who had formal sex education are satisfied with their sexual wellbeing while the global average of sexual satisfaction stands at 59%.
However, the survey also found that 51% of those who received sex education at school did not learn about conception while 71% were not taught about sexually transmitted diseases.
Less than half of Malaysians (48%) had wished their sex education had included love, respect and on giving pleasure to one’s partner.

It found that about 44% of those aged between 16 and 24 liked to have received more information on the subject in comparison to 62% among those aged between 35 and 44.
The survey is the fourth in a series of reports by Durex, with this one emphasising on knowledge and education.

Previous results of the three surveys titled “Satisfaction”, “In the Bedroom” and “The Big O” can be found on

More adult Malaysians turn to the Net for sex info Spam10

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