Feb 1 sees Sathyaraj and Vadivelu films contest

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Feb 1 sees Sathyaraj and Vadivelu films contest Empty Feb 1 sees Sathyaraj and Vadivelu films contest

Post by Maya on Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:26 am

The films of Sathyaraj and Vadivelu releasing on Feb 1 would be a contest not between them but between Vadivelu and Goundamani. When Goundamani was at the peak of his career, Vadivelu got scolded in base language and kicked about in films starring them. Now Vadivelu is a top star to reckon with. But Goundamani?

After a long gap, Goundamani surfaces in Sathyaraj's film 'Thangam' where he's a solo comedy act after ages."After this film's release, Goundar anna will make another round in films," says Sathyaraj.

With all this build up happening, 'Thangam' gets released on Feb 1. That same day, Goundar's only competitor Vadivelu's 'Indiralogathil Naa Azhagappan' gets released too. Goundar hopes to create waves with his comedy role. What about the Puyal?

"My competition is the top actor. Others have to look up at me," says he with tongue in cheek.
Let's see which way the wind blows!

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