Nakul and Sunaina - ayyo pathikichchu

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Nakul and Sunaina - ayyo pathikichchu Empty Nakul and Sunaina - ayyo pathikichchu

Post by swatika on Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:15 pm

Sunaina, who is always pairing with Nakul, chased away her mother from the shooting spot and its the news of the entire Kollywood.

What made her to chase away her own mother who was protecting her from the eagle male eyes?
Its the relationship that has built between Nakul - who is brother of Deivayani and her. Sunaina's mother was found peeping between the screens and rooms when Sunaina wanted to spend her time with Nakul and that angered Sunaina. As Sunaina's mother is not with her now, Sunaina is freely spending her time with Nakul.
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