people working in cine industry are beggars

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people working in cine industry are beggars Empty people working in cine industry are beggars

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:28 pm

According to Vadivelu, people working in cine industry are beggars

It may be true that Vadivelu became a millionaire by earning from the cine industry. He was a cycle rickshaw peddler when he entered the cine industry.

Even before he entered the industry he was married and fathered 2 children and were living in a thatched hut near by Madurai.

It was few directors like Rajkiran and few actors like Vijayakanth, showing Madurai sentiment uplifted Vadivelu in the industry and made him a millionaire. Recently there were news that he had a quarrel with Vijayakanth relatives who assembled to condole the death of Vijayaknath's sister's husband.

Vadivelu's recent looty with Shreya is also well known to all.

Vedivelu has constructed a residential complex in Saligramam - the heart of Kollywood. While few housed have already been occupied, few are still vacant.

When cine industry people approached him for tenancy, he refused to provide them any of his houses, giving reason that the industry people will not be able to give rent on time as they remain jobless, foodless and cashless most of the time.

He openly declares that he will rent his house only to people in software industry!

Hosur Paiyan: Eri vantha padiyai yetti uthaippathu chariyaaa?


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