Manirathnam's Raavan.. Varum.. aana varaathu?

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Manirathnam's Raavan.. Varum.. aana varaathu? Empty Manirathnam's Raavan.. Varum.. aana varaathu?

Post by swatika on Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:24 pm

Manirathnam is taking a movie under the title Asokavanam in Tamil and Raavan in hindi having Aishwarya in the lead role and Vikram too taking up an important role.
Even though the movie was planned to be completed in 100 day schedule, Manirathnam's health problem and the nuisance created by Kerala's forest department, made the movie not able to be completed in the expected schedule. To be noted is that not even 50% of the movie was completed.
While Aish, Vikram and others were ready to work for Manirathnam understanding the cause of delay, it was the camera man Manikandan who refused to work further.
Luckily Manirathnam's favourite Santhosh Sivan agreed to work for the remaining part, but the cinematography done by Manikandan was not satisfactory for both Santhosh Sivan and Manirathanam and hence they are going to re-shoot all again.
Now, the condition for Raavan is that the movie will varummmm.... aaana ipothaikku varaathu....
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