Asin got a house as gift... from whome?

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Asin got a house as gift... from whome? Empty Asin got a house as gift... from whome?

Post by swatika on Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:22 pm

Unlike Nayanthara getting a car for sharing relationship over night with a Telugu man, Asin has managed to get a house in Mumbai as a gift for sharing relationship!!!Initially she managed to get a house as gift in Mumbai for her close relationship with Salman and now he has presented her a puppy!
Asin, who moved to Mumbai from Chennai planned to move in the route of Aishwarya. Asin managed to get the relationship of Salman, who was the ex-boy fried of Aish, who is now wife of Amitabh's son.
Salman was close with Katrina Kaif, but new relation of Asin with Salman managed to break away Katrina and now Asin is the sole horse for Salman.
As a gift, Salman gave away a bunglow to Asin and now he has offered on expensive puppy?
Asin and her uncle/dad are living in the bunglow gifted by Salman. Asin has not yet disclosed the puppy gift that she received from Salman to her dad, as he may feel bad for getting an unworthy gift!
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