Evidence of genocide in bitter end to Sri Lanka's civil war

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Evidence of genocide in bitter end to Sri Lanka's civil war Empty Evidence of genocide in bitter end to Sri Lanka''s civil war

Post by Pollathavan on Wed May 20, 2009 9:51 am

Mounting evidence that both sides guilty of war crimes

Frankie D'Cruz

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 05:35:00

COMMENTARY: THERE'S a rescue plan for stray dogs "exiled" to islands around Pulau Ketam - but bizarrely not for Tamil civilians - children, elderly, the sick and the maimed stuck in a war zone. It's just not right. Here we care about dogs, but in northern Sri Lanka - where the Tamils are bent on a separatist State - humans are left at the mercy of bombardment by the Sri Lankan army.
Tamil Tigers have silenced their guns but anger is raging that a holocaust happened in plain sight of the international community.
To many, it was like standing outside a house on fire and not being able to get inside to pour water on it. Genocide has been taking place before our very eyes. Yet, we seemed blind to warfare against Tamil civilians.
Despite pleas to the world to save the thousands of people in Vanni from the clutches of death, the silence of the international community only encouraged the Sri Lankan military to execute the war to its bitter end.
In the past 48 hours, over 3,000 civilians lay dead on the streets while another 25,000 were critically injured with no medical attention.
Conditions have been "nothing short of catastrophic", as described by the International Committee of the Red Cross.
The United Nation's estimate, if it is accurate, of over 6,500 civilian deaths since January is shocking and appalling.
There's mounting evidence of serious violations of international law and both sides may be guilty of war crimes.
People have had little food or water for weeks. Conditions inside the camps are miserable, owing to overcrowding and poor hygiene.
This is an extremely fragile population that is going through a terrible time, certainly an intensely terrible time for the past three months.
The slaughter over last weekend is unparalleled in the brutality unleashed by Colombo since independence; over two thousand Tamil lives were snuffed out in a hail of artillery shells.
Even the Western States - along with China, Russia and India - that have stood solidly behind the Sinhala State for the past three years were shaken.
What the Western States, operating with theories of "internal conflict" and "terrorism", can't comprehend is why the Sinhala State insists on using heavy weapons on civilians packed into a sliver of land.
They also don't understand why Sri Lanka is blocking international assistance from reaching the 190,000 recently displaced people concentrated in militarised camps. The Tamil people, of course, understand: this is genocide.
Since January, genocide has not been some abstract concept.
The world has witnessed it every single day since at first dozens, then scores, then hundreds of Tamils were killed and wounded.
What has also become clear is that the international community has knowingly and deliberately allowed this slaughter to proceed.
The ideological fixation with "fighting terrorism" and "ending armed conflict" has meant that in the interests of destroying the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) any number of Tamil civilians are expendable.
The world looked on despite Colombo launching major offensive operations in April 2006 (displacing over 40,000 Tamil civilians in three days) and ordering international NGOs and UN agencies out of Vanni in mid-2007.No one stood up when Colombo tore up the Norwegian-brokered ceasefire agreement in January 2008, and killed several thousand people in LTTE-controlled areas.
The fight for the independent, sovereign State of Tamil Eelam will undoubtedly go on. It is inescapable that whatever the international community does, the Sinhala State will continue to pose an existential threat to the
Tamil people unless they are protected by their own borders and security forces.

The 60-year old struggle for Tamil liberation is entering a new phase.
On the one hand, the Tamil nation, going through a holocaust of its own, is no longer under any illusions about the Sinhala State and people.
The international community will never be able to reason with or restrain them.
On the other hand, contrary to Sinhala expectations, Tamil militancy will remain central to Sri Lanka's future.
As the LTTE, which has transformed itself - yet again - for a new kind of war, bluntly put it last month: as long as the Tamils are oppressed, "Sri Lanka will never be able to live in peace

Evidence of genocide in bitter end to Sri Lanka's civil war Spam10

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