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Post by Maya on Mon Jan 28, 2008 10:57 pm

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Silambarasan too joins the prestigious team of actors, who have decided to give up smoking on screen. Following Rajinikanth and Vijay, Silambarasan too has decided to discard smoking in his films. The young hero says that he doesn’t want to be a negative example for his fans, who would follow him.
When queried about his smoking scenes in his recent film ‘Kaalai’, the young actor says that the movie was shot long back. He also assures that it would be the last movie in which he smokes.
Silambarasan, is quite happy that his image has been changed in the recent times. His ‘bad boy’ image is a thing of past, he says. According to him, the TV programme ‘Jodi No 1’ was the major reason for this change. “The programme has definitely contributed to the change in my image in people’s mind. It made people understand my real self”, says Silambarasan.
The programme fetched him some embarrassment too. His role in the programme has been mocked by some in some other programmes. Silambarasan, who is aware of this development, doesn’t bother. He feels that they just add to his publicity.
However, he has made up his mind not to do any such programmes in future? Does he want to avoid such embarrassments? No. “I am very busy with my commitments in films”.

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Post by Pollathavan on Tue Jan 29, 2008 1:50 pm

He is already a negative example - because of him, his best fren Yuvanshankar lost his wife....not sure whether they are back or not.

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