Nayan felt shy for the first time

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Nayan felt shy for the first time Empty Nayan felt shy for the first time

Post by swatika on Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:23 pm

Nayanthara, symbal for nudity never-ever have felt shy showing her skins away in public and for the first time in her life she was forced to feel shy for the same.
It was a shooting for a un-named movie of her in which she was supposed to take bath in a pool in a bunglow in a small transparent two piece cloths - and the money for the deal was already settled to her.
When she came out in bikini, there were hundreds of heads that peeped out from near by buildings. As the building are taller than that of the pool, the crew as not able to hide others from seeing her nude - that too live.
She refused to come out nude and demanded that all those seeing her live should either close their eyes or be removed from the place.
The jollers were not ready to accept her condition as those buildings they were standing were of their own. The area was Adyar and a posh locality and the jollers were having high zoon cameras in hand enabling them to see her curves and items closer.
With no other go, a blue sheet was brought and the pool was covered and she acted inside the same nude.
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