Whats special between Shriya and Vikram

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Whats special between Shriya and Vikram Empty Whats special between Shriya and Vikram

Post by swatika on Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:20 pm

It was Trisha who went to Vikram's home and made relationship with him and took every steps that their relationship is gossiped well and spread.Now its time for Shriya. From the day Shriya started pairing with Vikram, Vikram too was busy detailing the beauty of Shriya's curves and now he has come to the level of praising Shriya's hair!!!
According to Vikram, all girls in Tamil Nadu will follow Shriya to beautify their 'hair', as Shirya's hair style will become the model for entire world after the release of his Kanthaswamy!
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