Nadhiya reveals her fitness secrets

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Nadhiya reveals her fitness secrets Empty Nadhiya reveals her fitness secrets

Post by Maya on Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:55 pm

Nadhiya reveals her fitness secrets Nadhiy10
Of course, who wouldn’t be wondering as well feel jealousy about this great actress appearing so young and bubbly even at this age?
Patently, women and girls should be really curious to know about secrets of fitness. Here goes the secret revealed by Nadhiya herself. ‘I don’t take any special cares for my health…
To keep myself fit, I keep going to gyms regularly and maintain good diet. My mantra is – Life is so short – Why to keep worrying all the time…
I love to enjoy my life and spend it usefully for myself as well others. I had to take a break from acting due to my children’s studies and career. For sure, I wouldn’t take up heroine roles at this age. But, I would like to go action packed roles’…

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