Finally Asin is out of trouble

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Finally Asin is out of trouble Empty Finally Asin is out of trouble

Post by Maya on Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:28 am

Once and for all, there would be no troubles drenching Asin as the problematic issue has been now sorted out.
Chennai cops finally zeroed Nalla Muthu Kumarasamy who was complained to be missing by his mother. He isnít any other than Asinís former touch-up boy. The conclusions have been drawn out that the entire drama was conducted so that Asin and her father would offer some monitory aids to Muthuís family.
Police officials from Thiruvallur District started investigating on this case registered and could pick out the loopholes from Muthuís friends Madhavan and Kesavan, who are residing in Mumbai.
Chennai City Commissioner revealed that when we checked out the mobiles of these concerned persons, we could find out Muthuís number in dialed list.

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