Yaavarum Nalam uplifts Maddy

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Yaavarum Nalam uplifts Maddy Empty Yaavarum Nalam uplifts Maddy

Post by swatika on Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:19 pm

The film industry adage that ‘you are as good as your last film’ seems to have come true in case of Madhavan. He was not seen in Kollywood screens for some time but has come back with a vengeance in Yaavarum Nalam. This film has received good reviews and thriller lovers are very happy that after a long time a really good suspense film has arrived.
The success of Yaavarum Nalam is having positive effects on Maddy’s career in Tamil. Guru En Aalu which was in the cans for a long time for want of buyers has found itself many takers now and it looks like the film which is the remake of ‘Yes Boss’ will after all see the light soon. Meanwhile his Naan Aval Adhu with Sada also is likely to hit the screens soon. Maddy must certainly be a happy man now.
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