Priyamani shows what she isn’t supposed to?

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Priyamani shows what she isn’t supposed to? Empty Priyamani shows what she isn’t supposed to?

Post by Maya on Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:57 am

Actress Priyamani kick-started her career with good projects and in fact she was considered to be the luckiest one for having casted in great filmmakers on the row; Bharathiraja, Balu Mahendra and Ameer. But now, things are completely vice-versa as she has been making out and most obscene appearances that she wrongly considers as ‘Glamour’.
On all the way, before watching the stills that she had posed for Telugu Movie ‘Drona’, it’s advisable to keep a fever tablet, as you would be stricken by it.
On the pars, she has been donning some good roles in the recent time that includes Malayalam movie ‘Thiraikadha’ and of course, she would surely have the best out of Mani Rathnam’s ‘Raavana’.
Looks like the actress is committing the biggest blunder on the course of proving herself best on both glamorous and offbeat roles that doesn’t happen so?

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