Uthayakumar in court to face sedition charge

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Uthayakumar in court to face sedition charge Empty Uthayakumar in court to face sedition charge

Post by Priya on Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:27 pm

ISA detainee P. Uthayakumar was brought to the KL Sessions Court at 10.50am this morning for his sedition trial, wearing a white shirt and torn pants.
He hugged and shook hands with his mother, fiancee and supporters. Talking to reporters, he claimed he hurt his toe while in detention which is now turning black and could be amputated. He asked the prison authority to send him to Gleneagles Hospital for treatment but was ignored.
He also asked the ISA Advisory Board to release the other three lawyers, claiming that only he and his brother Waytha Moorthy were responsible for Hindraf. The rest are just legal advisors and not in charge of daily affairs.
Uthayakumar said he was going to ask his lawyers to apply for court order to take him to a private hospital when the case begins.
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