Sharukh's new getup

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Sharukh's new getup Empty Sharukh's new getup

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:03 am

In one way, Bollywood heroes are lucky guys.
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Like Kamal, they do not change getups in each film. Like Vikram, they don't put on muscle or lose weight to suit the character he plays. To even sport a beard or long hair is a rare occurrence.

For 'Om Shanti Om,' Sharukh slogged it out in the gym for a year to lose his flab and sport a 6 pack abs. Every time he showed off his body in the film, women in the audience whistled in delight.
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After 'Om Shanti Om,' Sharukh has decided to change his getup. Those who watch WWF sport will be familiar with the 'Undertaker.' Whenever he made an appearance in his long hair, short beard and tall physique, the audience used to roar.

Sharukh has decided to change his getup to look like the 'Undertaker' but people are in suspense as to what character he will do in his next film that warrants such a change!


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