Britney wants to marry and have kids

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Britney wants to marry and have kids Empty Britney wants to marry and have kids

Post by Maya on Tue Dec 02, 2008 5:19 pm

Pop singer Britney Spears, who made a remarkable comeback recently after her infamous breakdown, has vowed to get married again and have more children.
I want to get married, have more babies and live on a desert island," Britney revealed in a new documentary.
A tearful Britney admitted that she still felt "sad" and "lonely" despite slowly getting back to a normal life.
The singer, who lost custody of her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James earlier this year, said her idea of heaven is moving to a remote island with her boys and her dream man, Daily Mail reported.
"That would be heaven for me, to have my kids on an island and a man and no-one could get to us.
"That's my thing. When I really love somebody I really love somebody. I give my all. I can't get enough. I need to be around them all the time. It's just the best feeling in the world when they give me that feeling," the pop princess said.
The singer poured out her heart in eagerly awaited MTV documentary "Britney: For The Record".
In a scene filmed as she was making her video for comeback single 'Womanizer', Britney told friends, "I'm going to write the man of my dreams on my arm.
"I'm going to get married next year and have babies. Watch!" The singer also joked about writing a tell-all autobiography, saying, "I will have a good book one day, a good mysterious book." She broke down several times during the documentary.
"When I tell people the way I feel they hear me, but they're really not listening. They hear what they want to hear. They don't really listen to what I'm telling them," the singer said.
She started to sob as she added, "It's bad. I'm sad." PTI

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Britney wants to marry and have kids Empty Re: Britney wants to marry and have kids

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 02, 2008 8:50 pm

hmmm.....dia ni manucturing ka?


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