Madhavan follows Asin

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Madhavan follows Asin Empty Madhavan follows Asin

Post by swatika on Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:25 pm

Her salary is now 20 million. She is now doing 100 movies in hindi and her movies are recommended for awards" even though she is surviving in Mumbai without any opportunity!
Madhavan too follows this babe. This guy too stays jobless, not in Mumbai but in Chennai, but remembers to spread gossip about himself and the latest of the series is that he is acting with Amitabh, Rajini, Mamooty, Chiranjeevi etc., and his present pay is 20 million +.
Both spread these type of news and if the media in which the reporter work publishes it, they were offered Kozhi Biriyani in both the cases.
As the people who enjoyed the Kozhi are happy, there are more in queue writing about these two!
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