Trisha separated from her boy friend

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Trisha separated from her boy friend Empty Trisha separated from her boy friend

Post by swatika on Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:32 pm

Recently, even though she attended the 150th day celebration of Kuruvi (The function was organized to celebrate success of Kuruvi??? Hosur Paiyan: Did Kuruvi stayed in theaters for 150 days?) it is said that she attended the function due to the compulsion from the producer and not of her own interest.
The reason behind her plan to avoid the function was because of Vijay, her long time boy friend.
Vijay's closeness with Nayanthara has made Trisha to keep away from him.
She was found humming the old song with a remix : Boy friendu thaaan... yenakku mattummmm thaaan.... chontham thaan yentru thaan ninaichEneeee.... antha nenappa intha nayan thaan ketuththup puttaaleeee...
During the entire meeting, Trisha never turned her eyes at Vijay!!!
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